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Author(s):Savijoki, Jukka.
Title:Anton Diabelli's guitar works : : a thematic catalogue with an introduction /Jukka Savijoki.
Published:Helsinki : : Sibelius Academy, Dept. of Solo Studies = [Sibelius-Akatemia. Solistinen osasto],, 1996.
Material:522 sivua : : nuotteja
Subject (Personal Name):Diabelli, Anton.
Subject:sävellysket - kitara
Note:Taiteilijakoulutuksen tohtorintutkintoon liittyvä tutkielma. = Submitted in partial fulfillment for the requirements of a degree of doctor of music.
Bibliography:Sis. temaattisen teosluettelon (s. 118-465).
Thesis:Tohtorintutkinnon kirjallinen työ :, Sibelius-Akatemia, Solistinen osasto,, 1996.
Diss. :, Sibelius Academy, Dept. of solo studies,Unit for Doctoral studies, Artistic Study Programme,, 1996.


Abstract: EnglishThe thesis consists of a thematic catalogue of Anton Diabelli's guitar works. It includes Diabelli's original guitar works, as well as his arrangements for guitar. The total number of Diabelli's guitar works is large, over six hundred. The catalogue gives as complete information of these works as has been possible to acquire through research: publication dates, locations, thematic incipits, and so on.

The introduction preceeding the catalogue concentrates on various features of Diabelli's guitar works. These include the forms, harmonies, and notation. Diabelli's technique of arranging is also briefly discussed.

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