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Author(s):Nystabakk, Solmund.
Title:Franco Donatoni: Algo - Due pezzi per chitarra : : an analysis /2009.
Published:Helsinki : : [S. Nystabakk],, 2009.
Material:18 lehteä.
Subject (Personal Name):Donatoni, Franco,säveltäjä. - Kappaleet,kitara(1977)
Note:Kirjallinen työ.
Thesis:Lopputyö :, Sibelius-Akatemia, Pianomusiikin osasto, 2009.


Abstract: EnglishAn introduction to Franco Donatoni´s "Algo" (1977) for guitar, including a short biography of Donatoni, a structural analysis of Algo, and conclusively a few ideas regarding the interpretation of the work.

The analysis deals with structural and formal aspects of Algo, and is mainly based on study of the score.

The paper may serve as a performer´s guide to the work, or as a more general introduction to Donatoni´s music for those interested in further study, as similar features can be found throughout his production, especially from the mid 1970s onward.

The bibliography states both writings and recordings used in the background research and the study of Algo. Unfortunately, some of the most valuable sources, such as Donatoni´s own writings are only available in Italian.

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Creator: personalNameNystabakk, Kåre Solmund
Date: issued09.12.2009
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